Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your Shoe Laces Will Never Loosen

Have you ever noticed that your shoe laces loosen as you are running?  This happens to me often.  Although double knotting my laces prevents them from untying, the laces still can, and often do, loosen in the top eyelets, around my ankles.  I find this incredibly annoying; also, when running, if my shoes are too loose around my ankles, I am more predisposed to a foot, calf or shin injury.  

Well, I have found an awesome solution -- introducing... LaceLocker.  This incredibly simple invention is brilliant and very easy to use! LaceLockers come in a variety of colors - black, silver, white, neon green, hot pink, and white ladybug graphic. Watch the brief instructional video on the website and you will become a LaceLocker pro in a matter of minutes!  

I am going to purchase LaceLockers for all my running shoes!  This way, I do not have to waste any time switching the LaceLockers from one pair of shoes to another -- after all, time is precious and I want to use every spare minute to bolt out the door for a run.

Click on the LaceLocker link below for more information.  You will be so glad that you did!