Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Great New Fitness App

I was recently asked to review a brand new app, called EveryMove.  The EveryMove App developers are on a mission to get the millions of Americans who are investing in their health "the recognition and real-life rewards that they deserve!"

The EveryMove Mobile App is available for iPhone (itunes app link) and for Android devices (Android app link).  I downloaded the app on my Samsung Galaxy phone and was ready to go! The app is very user-friendly -- the initial set-up, where I entered some personal information, took less than five minutes.  

EveryMove users earn points for hundreds of activities, not just for playing sports and participating in typical fitness exercises.  You can get points for yard work, moving boxes, and so many more every day activities.  I love that you can earn points for an active lifestyle without having to engage in a formal exercise program. The best part is that your EveryMove points translate into discounts on interesting items or donations to a charity.  

Although my original intentions were to test out the EveryMove App for the entire month of July, I had to have emergency oral surgery on July 9th and was unable to do any form of exercise for two weeks; so, I was only able to "test drive" the app from July 24th through July 30th.  Below are some screenshots of my data from the past week -- as you can see in the second screenshot, I got enough points in my first week to receive 30 percent off my purchase from the Zeta Technology Group (FYI... I earned my first 300 points by just "joining the movement).  Prior to reviewing my choices for a reward to earn, I had not even heard about the Zeta Technology Group -- my guess is that many people do not know about this group; therefore, it seems logical that companies could benefit from offering rewards through EveryMove.

My EveryMove Profile Page

My EveryMove Activities -- see points awarded for each activity!

My EveryMove Activity Insights -- each color represents a different classification of activity.

One of the most awesome features of the EveryMove App is its seamless integration feature which allows you to sync your EveryMove App data with hundreds of tracking devices, fitness applications, and even gym equipment.  I have not had an opportunity to sync to the Garmin Connect yet, but certainly plan to do so in the near future.  Below is a screenshot showing some of the very many sync options:

EveryMove App Connects With Many Other Health & Fitness Apps and Activity Trackers

EveryMove believes that we "sweat better together."  So, they have made it easy to join their online community where you can connect with your friends, co-workers, and family to cheer each other on and compete on leaderboards.  So far, I have connected my EveryMove app to Facebook, but have not yet checked out the full online community nor the leaderboards.  I am very self-motivated so I do not personally need this feature; however, I love motivating and encouraging others and plan to use this feature once my personal training clients join the EveryMove Movement

Another great feature of EveryMove are the congratulatory emails that I get every time I am rewarded with a badge or an active day bonus.  I am currently in the process of moving from one home to another in the same town and am getting many bonuses for my three to five hour packing-and moving-boxes-days. Unfortunately, moving is a tremendous hassle and this is certainly not my favorite way to exercise.  I prefer to run, run, run!!!

I strongly recommend the EveryMove App!  Download the app and let's compare notes.  I look forward to your thoughts about this awesome app in the Comments Section below this post.  

So, what are you waiting for???

Join the EveryMove Movement today!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Balanced Healthy Chicks

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to become an Ambassador for Balanced Healthy Chicks. After reviewing the Balanced Healthy Chicks website (, I decided to accept the invitation.  Check out the website -- it is so cool!
Balanced Healthy Chicks (BHC) was created by Kristen Breen and Anne Sleeman -- their mission is to build a community of amazing women who share all things fun, food, and fit.  BHC supports and teaches women to live full, joyful and balanced lives.

I know that you will love being a part of Balanced Healthy Chicks!  As an Ambassador, I am able to offer my blog readers a membership discount.  I have been issued a unique code which will allow you to join BHC at a reduced rate.  You will save $5 off the already affordable $29.95 annual membership fee.  What's not to love about that?

Just use code:  judyk2014 when signing up at:

As a BHC member, you will be part of an amazing community where everyone embraces and knows that "one size does not fit all."  Members can participate in monthly fitness challenges or sign on for personal coaching.  You will receive a discount in the BHC store which is filled with awesome BHC clothing and swag! You can participate in a plethora of BHC events and have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women in your geographic location while working on your personal fitness goals. 

So... what are you waiting for?  Come share your experiences and benefit from others! Balanced Healthy Chicks are awesome!

I can answer any questions that you may have about Balanced Healthy Chicks.  Just post your questions in the Comments Section below this post.

Please sign up today -- remember to use code judyk2014 to receive your $5.00 off. Come join the fun... be a Balanced Healthy Chick!

Have fun... Be strong... Be balanced 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Reasons Why I Run

Since childhood, running has been the one constant in my life.  When I am unable to run due to injury or illness, the first day that I am able to run again feels like reuniting with an old friend.  So, why do I love running so much?

image from:
  • I feel empowered during my runs and when I have completed my run (especially if it is a long run), I have the confidence to deal with anything and everything.
image from:

  • I face challenges "head on" when I am running.  I am one of those people that was born optimistic.  I ALWAYS see the cup as half full or even three-quarters full.  When I have a specific challenge to deal with, I tend to look at it as a game or competition -- in the spirit of competition, my adrenaline surges to face the specific challenge and "conquer it."
  • I am most creative when running.  My entrepreneurial spirit goes haywire during long runs -- this is so awesome!  I can brainstorm like crazy.  I definitely have my best ideas when running.

image from:

  • Running keeps my anxiety "in check."  If I am feeling anxious about a particular situation, running balances my emotions so that I can sort through the issue.  Running quiets any "internal stirrings."
  • All of my senses are heightened when running, especially the senses of sight and smell.  I love running from point A to point B versus doing an "out and back."  Exploration is one of the most fun parts of running!  I enjoy checking out new scenery.  Put me by the water and I can run pretty much the entire day.
  • Running provides me with a sense of community.  When I run a race, I am surrounded by like-minded people.  Although we are technically competing against one another, there is more a sense of camaraderie than competition.  Runners typically are very supportive of one another.  Personally, after I cross the finish line, I inevitably stay to cheer on every last runner (except in marathons where I might experience hypothermia if I did that) and often run back from the finish line to help bring in the remaining runners, rooting for everyone the entire time!

image from:

  • I love colorful clothing and running shoes!  Running has become a very colorful sport!  Neon colors and wild prints make me happy.  When I am training my clients, I am very purposeful about wearing "happy colors" so that my enthusiasm becomes contagious!

image from:
  • Running can be done pretty much anytime and any place.  Unlike many sports, running can be done solo -- you do not need to arrange a date with a "partner" unless you are afraid to run alone.  Running can be done on a treadmill or outside -- no need to "rent a court."  Running is one of the less expensive sports -- sure, you can choose to purchase many accessories, but what do you really need?  A pair of good running shoes is the most essential item.  
  • Running allows me to compete against myself.  I enjoy setting personal goals and achieving them.  If I do not achieve them, I like to understand why, especially from a physiological perspective.
  • Running allows me to use my exercise physiology background to improve my clients' and my own running/race performances.  I admit it -- I am somewhat of a science geek and I love "figuring it all out." There's VO2max, anaerobic threshold, glycogen stores, fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers, and so much more!!!
image from:

So, why do you run?  I would love to hear from you --please share your "reasons" in the Comments Section below this post.

Stay the course, my friends.  Run on, run strong.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

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Well, it is time for my two-week recap since beginning my Official NYC Marathon Training Program and the Paleo Diet.  Well, sure am glad that I'm a very flexible and resilient individual...

WEEK ONE TRAINING (June 30th - July 6th):  My goal was simply to get in at least 15 miles with runs of 30 minutes or more.  I was just interested in building my base mileage over this week and the next.  My plan was to be up to 20 weekly miles at the end of Week Two.  Well, according to my Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS (which I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), I ran a total of 16.59 miles (to be exact).  I got in most of my mileage during the July 4th Holiday Weekend which I spent on Cape Cod.  My longest run was on Sunday, July 6th -- 5.52 glorious and very scenic miles in Falmouth, MA.  My running buddy, Ann, and I, ran along part of the Falmouth Road Race course and then continued into beautiful Falmouth Heights.  Our course ran adjacent to the panoramic Cape Cod Bay -- since the view could not be beat, the time went by so quickly!

View Near Finish Line of Falmouth Road Race

The Historical "Finish Line Garden"

Falmouth Marina

WEEK ONE PALEO DIET (June 30th through July 6th):  Well, I was about to go shopping on Sunday, June 29th for all the staples that I needed for my first "paleo week." However, Ann, called and asked me to please go for a run with her because she was 'quickly losing motivation.'  How could I say "no?"  After all, Ann has always been there for me.  So, out the door I went for my second run of the day in the 85-90 degree sunshine and humidity!  Unfortunately, grocery shopping was no longer an option since I had evening plans that could not be changed.  My work week was way too busy to go shopping, so I just told myself that I could become a "hunter/gatherer" one week later than originally planned.

WEEK TWO TRAINING (July 7th through July 13th):  Let the fun and games truly begin!!!  I was just too busy to run on Monday, July 7th -- so many clients to train that I ran out of time.  Plus, my body could use a rest after running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- after all, I am not so young any more; I value rest and recovery as much as the runs themselves!  Tuesday, July 8th -- yep, that is when all hell broke loose -- the dreaded ORAL SURGERY!!!  When the oral surgeon said, "absolutely no running for 10 days," I wanted to cry.  So, there you have it -- week two of training:  zero miles. In addition, I have had the joy of being on a potpourri of pills subsequent to the tooth removal and abscess draining -- an antibiotic, a six day course of steroids, Motrin, and mega doses of Vitamin C, plus an oral rinse that stains your teeth - very glamorous!

I promise you that I will NEVER take steroids again!!!!!  Yes, I am revving at 100 miles per hour and have had two virtually sleepless nights over the past six days (I just finished the steroids today).  My entire body has been vibrating since day two of my steroid adventure.  Next time (hopefully, there will never be a "next time"), I will opt for major mouth swelling instead of this PSYCHO DRUG!!!  If you are suffering from insomnia, I have a great book for you to read --  Wild, by Cheryl Strayed -- it kept me going during those two sleepless nights.

WEEK TWO PALEO DIET (July 7th through July 13th):  What Paleo Diet???  The oral surgeon's instructions were quite clear:  "Mushy food and liquids only."  Paleo NOTHING!!!  I have been living on overcooked pasta, rice, yogurt, ice cream -- you get the picture.  I especially love having to constantly urinate due to the mega doses of Vitamin C, combined with a high carbohydrate diet -- such fun, especially in the middle of the night!

So, my friends, the first two weeks have been a test of my resiliency.  Let me tell you... you cannot keep a good woman down!!!  I will be back with a vengeance!  Stay tuned for the next official training and paleo diet recap in two weeks from today!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zooma Half Marathon - Cape Cod

Today, I signed up for the Zooma Half Marathon in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   Zooma Runs are for women only and take place all over the country on various dates throughout the year.  In addition to the Zooma Half Marathon in Cape Cod, there is also a Zooma10K race on the same day. Both races are on September 27th and take place in the picturesque town of Falmouth.

While vacationing on the Cape this past July 4th weekend, I had the opportunity to check out Race Headquarters, the newly renovated Sea Crest Beach Hotel.  What an incredibly beautiful spot! The half-marathon starts right outside of the lobby of the hotel and finishes within steps of the private hotel beach.  My running buddy and I took a tour of the hotel and were so impressed.

Sea Crest Beach Hotel - Race Headquarters & Host Hotel

The Cape is beautiful year round, but I especially love the fall!  This is going to be a great weekend!  I cannot wait to run along the water and through the tree-lined streets of North Falmouth.

As of today, race registration is at 90 percent of capacity.  Are you curious to learn more?   If so, click on the following link:

Hope to see you there!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th Fun at the Beach!

I am in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the holiday weekend.  What better way to start the day than with a 4.25 mile run!  It was so hot and humid, but I kept on going, knowing that my motivation was to get to my destination.... Starbucks.  I will run many miles for a good cappuccino!

Then, it was time for celebrating Independence Day at the beach as Hurricane Arthur was on its way.  

Since my previous blog post was all about RockTape, I thought you might enjoy some photos modeling taping applications for both my knee injury and shin splints.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!!  Run strong!!!


It is just no fun to be sidelined by an overuse injury!  Common running injuries include: iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, runner's knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendinitis. Most of these ailments require some degree of rest from running -- this is when cross training with aerobic machines (excluding the treadmill) is essential.  During the injury period and when beginning to re-introduce running, I strongly recommend using Kinesiology Tape.
Kinesiology Tape was developed in 1979 by chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase.
Dr. Kase believed that in order to reduce pain and speed healing, athletes should keep muscles moving and try to improve circulation.  Traditional injury treatment involved heavy taping which restricted movement and therefore, blood flow to injured muscles and supporting structures (ligaments, tendons and cartilage). Unlike traditional treatment, the Kinesiology Taping Method gently lifts the layer of skin and attached tissue covering the muscles so that blood and other body fluids can move more freely in and around that muscle.  

I have tried four different brands of Kinesiology Tape and my very favorite is RockTape! RockTape adheres to the skin better than any other brand and has the greatest amount of stretch due to the tape's specialized nylon, which is extremely flexible and very water-resistant.  Unlike other Kinesiology Tapes, RockTape can be used both to apply compression (which promotes recovery) or decompression (which relieves pain and swelling).  RockTape comes in a variety of outrageous colors and patterns as shown in the photo above.
RockTape will:

  • aid in injury treatment
  • reduce muscle fatigue and promote blood flow for faster recovery
  • promote proper form in various sports by helping athletes coordinate their movements, which leads to increased efficiency of movement and enhanced performance (see website for more details on this specific use of RockTape -
The RockTape website ( has specific information on taping techniques for different injuries and also for enhancing performance in a variety of sports.  Also, each roll comes with a sheet of detailed instructions.

When applied properly, RockTape typically stays on for three to five days.  RockTape was specifically designed for endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists.  It has been used extensively during Ironman Triathlon events -- this is a true testimony of its adhesive capabilities.

Yes, RockTape does truly ROCK!

*RockTape can be purchased through Amazon.  You can click on the Amazon Store link to  the right of my blog posts to purchase.  Just put "RockTape" into the search box and  choose from the various colors and patterns!   As an Amazon Affiliate, I will received financial  compensation for any purchases that you make after clicking through the Amazon link on my blog. I  appreciate your support!