Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Setback

So, my running (following 11/6/14 medial meniscus repair) has been going pretty well. I have been very careful not to run too much nor too fast.  My longest run to date has been four miles, but most of my runs have been two to three miles at a 10 minute per mile pace.  I would call this quite conservative for me.

So, two weeks ago, (2/12/15 to be exact), I had a really awesome three mile treadmill run. By the way, I have only run once outside since my surgery, on Christmas Day -- welcome to New England, where snow and ice abound!  I felt great during the run and then, since it was above 20 degrees outside, I decided to take a walk around my apartment complex. I was still feeling great, basking in the glory of my run and enjoying the magnificent sunset.  I took a bunch of photos of the beautiful sky - it all looked so pretty, especially since my senses were heightened from the run.

Then, it was time to go up the three flights of stairs to my apartment.  I placed my right foot (by the way, the right knee is the one that was surgically repaired) on the first step and OUCH!!!!!  The pain was excruciating.  I had to then place two feet on each step in order to successfully make it up to my apartment - not fun at all!!!

So, later that evening, I had to go train my soon-to-be Division 1 lacrosse phenom - she is a high school senior right now.  It was rather pitiful to have to go down those three flights of stairs with two feet on each step, but that was the only way I could manage to get to my car and drive to the fitness center.

For the next five days, I had to go up and down steps in this fashion, two feet per step.  I felt like I was 100+ years old.  I honestly have no good explanation for why this happened -- I must have demonstrated an exercise that I should not have demonstrated at this point in my recovery from surgery.  I probably did some sort of a deadlift with a heavy kettlebell - ughhh!

So, time, ice, elevation, Motrin, and an exercise known as Terminal Extension have successfully gotten me to the point where I can properly go up and down the steps without any pain.  I suppose that is progress, but geez, enough already!!!

Although the pain was pretty much gone, the swelling got much worse.  It got so bad that I visited my orthopedic surgeon today.  He said that I needed to have the knee drained and also recommended a cortisone shot.  I must share with you what came out of my knee - check out this photo:

The Fluid Drained Out of My Knee

That is a lot of fluid!!!  As per Dr. Delos' orders, two days of minimal activity -- just tons of ice, compression, elevation and Motrin.  I love Dr. Delos, especially since he said that I should be okay to run the More/Fitness/Shape Magazine Half Marathon on April 19th! Seriously, Dr. Delos is a wonderful orthopedic surgeon with a great personality!  He is extremely thorough and patient.  Dr. Delos really takes the time to explain everything to me, and believe you and me, I have a ton of questions all the time! Here is a photo of my favorite orthopedic surgeon, the one and only Dr. Dimitri Delos:

Dr. Dimitri Delos

Dr. Delos is part of ONS, Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists.  They are located in Greenwich, CT and are the BEST!!!  

Okay, here are two more really cool photos, before and after!  The first photo shows my shredded medial meniscus and the second one shows the repair.  

Before Repair

After Repair

Aren't these photos pretty cool?  

Well, time to take a break and elevate the leg.  I cannot wait to run again but I know it will be at least a week or two.  So, in the mean time, can you all run a few extra miles for me?