Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is amazing how quickly I am able to jump out of bed when I have a race to run!  I was up and ready to greet the day at 6:15 am.

Compo Beach - Westport, CT

This was my view while doing my warm-up exercises immediately prior to the Minuteman 5K race in Westport, CT.  I stared at the water and sky while I simultaneously stretched and had a silent conversation with my mom -- she passed away 14 months ago. My mom was my rock and the voice of reason -- oh, how I miss her!  

I was so happy to be up bright and early, doing what I love.  When the starting horn sounded, I felt so free!  Today, I ran without a chronograph -- no time pressure, just sheer enjoyment.  I ran comfortably and enjoyed every step from start to finish.  I was particularly impressed by the number of young runners, ages seven to twelve, who were able to pace themselves appropriately and demonstrated great running form!

The running community is the best -- everyone cheering each other on!  After crossing the finish line, I stayed (as I always do) to applaud the runners who finished after me.  I am now empowered -- so are my two clients who both ran personal bests.

My Buddies at the Finish
Ahhh -- simple pleasures.  I am feeling very grateful today.