Sunday, May 4, 2014


My 14 year old daughter is a good basketball player, but she wants to get better. For several years now, I have explained to her that she needs to practice ball handling and shooting every day, and do a conditioning program on a regular basis. Well, finally, my daughter is catching on -- now, she actually asks me to take her to the gym to work on her basketball skills and to do aerobic and anaerobic exercises, agility work and strength training.

Discipline is the bridge between our goals and our accomplishments.  My daughter has started to make that connection -- I try to teach her that self-discipline and hard work are the keys to reaching so many of our dreams, not just those that are sports-related.

As a running coach and personal trainer, I can lead a horse to water, but the horse must be willing to drink!  Whether you want to complete a marathon or set a PR in your next 5K race, you need DISCIPLINE!  Self-discipline involves working hard without anyone telling you to.  You develop the willpower, drive and resolve to put in the daily and weekly mileage needed to reach your goal -- you are intent upon improving yourself, specifically your aerobic fitness or your speed, or both.

Sometimes you may find that you are not motivated to go for your run.  When this happens, remember that often,  ACTION PRECEDES MOOD!  This is a saying that was coined by William James, the Father of Psychology.  Nike says, "Just do it!" Once you step outside and start moving, you will feel better about yourself.

Research shows that it takes approximately three weeks to form a habit.  So, if you find that you are having a problem adhering to your training schedule, rest assured that you will find it much easier if you can "stick with it" for those first 21 days.

In running and more importantly, in all aspects of life, you need to put in the hard work to reap the benefits.  When you do not, the end result is often regret.  It is amazing what you are capable of achieving if you put in the effort.  

So, set your goals and get moving!