Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ten Reasons Why I Run

Since childhood, running has been the one constant in my life.  When I am unable to run due to injury or illness, the first day that I am able to run again feels like reuniting with an old friend.  So, why do I love running so much?

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  • I feel empowered during my runs and when I have completed my run (especially if it is a long run), I have the confidence to deal with anything and everything.
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  • I face challenges "head on" when I am running.  I am one of those people that was born optimistic.  I ALWAYS see the cup as half full or even three-quarters full.  When I have a specific challenge to deal with, I tend to look at it as a game or competition -- in the spirit of competition, my adrenaline surges to face the specific challenge and "conquer it."
  • I am most creative when running.  My entrepreneurial spirit goes haywire during long runs -- this is so awesome!  I can brainstorm like crazy.  I definitely have my best ideas when running.

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  • Running keeps my anxiety "in check."  If I am feeling anxious about a particular situation, running balances my emotions so that I can sort through the issue.  Running quiets any "internal stirrings."
  • All of my senses are heightened when running, especially the senses of sight and smell.  I love running from point A to point B versus doing an "out and back."  Exploration is one of the most fun parts of running!  I enjoy checking out new scenery.  Put me by the water and I can run pretty much the entire day.
  • Running provides me with a sense of community.  When I run a race, I am surrounded by like-minded people.  Although we are technically competing against one another, there is more a sense of camaraderie than competition.  Runners typically are very supportive of one another.  Personally, after I cross the finish line, I inevitably stay to cheer on every last runner (except in marathons where I might experience hypothermia if I did that) and often run back from the finish line to help bring in the remaining runners, rooting for everyone the entire time!

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  • I love colorful clothing and running shoes!  Running has become a very colorful sport!  Neon colors and wild prints make me happy.  When I am training my clients, I am very purposeful about wearing "happy colors" so that my enthusiasm becomes contagious!

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  • Running can be done pretty much anytime and any place.  Unlike many sports, running can be done solo -- you do not need to arrange a date with a "partner" unless you are afraid to run alone.  Running can be done on a treadmill or outside -- no need to "rent a court."  Running is one of the less expensive sports -- sure, you can choose to purchase many accessories, but what do you really need?  A pair of good running shoes is the most essential item.  
  • Running allows me to compete against myself.  I enjoy setting personal goals and achieving them.  If I do not achieve them, I like to understand why, especially from a physiological perspective.
  • Running allows me to use my exercise physiology background to improve my clients' and my own running/race performances.  I admit it -- I am somewhat of a science geek and I love "figuring it all out." There's VO2max, anaerobic threshold, glycogen stores, fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers, and so much more!!!
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So, why do you run?  I would love to hear from you --please share your "reasons" in the Comments Section below this post.

Stay the course, my friends.  Run on, run strong.