Monday, April 21, 2014

Safety First

When I was young, I thought I was invincible.  Now, at the tender age of 55, I know better. Numerous injuries over the years have convinced me that I am a mere mortal.  Experience has taught me to ALWAYS run with my cell phone and some cash.  After all, you never know what may happen when you are on a run - you can turn your ankle, become dehydrated, or develop heat exhaustion.  There are a myriad of possibilities, most requiring immediate attention.

Now, what if you are running by yourself and you faint?  It would be very difficult to make a phone call to ask for help if you have blacked out.  Safety comes first! That is why every runner needs to own and wear a Road ID.  Road ID makes personal identification gear so that, in an emergency situation, you can be identified and your emergency contact can be notified.  You can choose from a variety of Wrist ID's, the Shoe ID, or the Ankle ID.  I just ordered the Wrist ID Elite in black.

Go to the Road ID link directly above this blog post to view all products.  Be sure to check out the cool t-shirts and other items. Then place your order -- it could be a life saver and will provide you and your family with peace of mind!

Let me know what you buy, and always remember, safety first.