Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Favorite Running Socks

Feet -- they are not the prettiest body part, but, as runners, they are of ultimate importance!   We need our toes, arches and heels to be comfortable at all times, especially during our runs.  It is really awful to get a blister in the middle of a long run or to feel your socks slipping around in your running shoes during a race.  

Well, I have tried so many different pairs of running socks over the past 35+ years and can say with confidence that Feetures are the very best!  In addition to the perfect fit and the various options available (Ultra-Light, Light Cushion, & Heavy Cushion; No-Show Tab, Low-Cut, Quarter, & Crew), the new colors are amazing -- just put on a pair of "happy colored" Feetures and you are on your way!

You can purchase Feetures running socks at Kelly's Running Warehouse -- just click on the red link below to go to the online store.  Kelly's Running Warehouse carries all varieties of Feetures.

Happy shopping. Hoping all your future runs are as colorful as these awesome socks!