Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nutrition for Marathon Training, Racing & Recovery

Training for a Marathon 
And Continuing to Eat Poorly 
Is Like... 
Detailing Your Car 
And Continuing to Drive in the Mud
I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper nutrition when training for, racing, and recovering from a marathon.  You will only get the most out of your training if you properly fuel your body.

Recently, I came across something awesome, the Marathon Nutrition Blueprint --  I totally recommend this tool -- it is a fabulous way to learn how to hydrate properly, get the proper electrolyte balance, and store & utilize as much glycogen as possible during a marathon.

This is not a paid endorsement - I just know a great plan when I read one!  Check out the link below for all the details and then, let me know what you think in the comments section of this blog post.  I went for the $99 package because I love all the details!

I am confident that utilizing all the information in the Marathon Nutrition Blueprint is going to help me run a faster marathon in New York City in November than if I ran without using the tools that are provided.

Run on, everybody!

he marathon to avoid the dreaded marathon bonk.