Sunday, June 1, 2014


I am a big fan of calf compression for enhanced running performance and recovery, so when I came across the company, Crazy Compression, I was certainly intrigued.  After discovering the company on Twitter, the owner sent me a pair to try out and review.

I was psyched when my sleeves arrived in the mail three days ago!  I decided that I needed to try them immediately on a three mile run around the neighborhood.  I am totally sold.
Pink Sleeve "Groovy"  Compression Arm or Leg Sleeve
Crazy Compression Sleeves come in bold, bright colors, with fabulous designs.  If you want to be noticed in a crowd, these will certainly do the trick.  However, more importantly, they are super functional and made in the USA.  The photo below shows some of the awesome features of Crazy Compression:

Crazy Compression Sock Features
When I went on my three mile run three nights ago, I actually was not aware that I was even wearing compression sleeves; however, my calves felt great and I was able to "heat up" faster than usual.  Unlike some of my other compression sleeves, Crazy Compression felt "just right" -- I did not experience any calf cramping, which has been a problem for me in both 2XU's  and Skins.

After I finished my three mile run, I tried the sleeves on my arms and was equally impressed.  The compression felt great on my arms and definitely kept them warm.

I am definitely going to purchase a few more pairs of Crazy Compression Sleeves to match different outfits.  I particularly love the new patriotic sleeves as shown below:

The "America" Sleeve - 10% of Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project

It's time to get crazy while enhancing circulation and recovery!  Check out the Crazy Compression website at:  Happy shopping!