Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Run a 5K Race?

At any time of year, you can easily find a local 5K (3.1 mile) race to run.  During the weeks of training for your upcoming marathon, I strongly recommend that you participate in several 5K races -- here are the benefits:

  • If you have never participated in a race, the 5K distance is the ideal starting point. Chances of you completing the race are extremely likely -- thus, you will experience your first success as a racer.  Once you cross that finish line for the very first time, you will be empowered and gain the confidence to continue "pushing the envelope."
  • As your training progresses and your weekly mileage increases, 5K races will serve as speed workouts -- this will ultimately improve your marathon finishing time, provided you put in the required long runs that will be part of any marathon training schedule.
  • Participating in races is very important!  I do not ever recommend that you run a marathon without having completed at least five shorter race distances first.  You need to become "race sharp"or "race savvy" prior to toeing the starting line of a marathon.  If you are not "race sharp," the marathon can prove to be a very anxiety provoking and unpleasant experience.