Thursday, March 20, 2014

Marathon Training Schedules - My Recommendations

Here it is... I promised that today, I would post my recommendations for some good online marathon training programs.  After doing some research, this is what I have come up with:

1. - Hal Higdon has training programs designed for the novice through advanced.  

2. - Runner's World offers two types of training programs -- one type is based on your experience as a runner and the other, by your time goal.  

3. - Cool Running offers four different training schedules for the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and competitive.

4. -  I have met Jeff Galloway and he is a great guy!  In many of his programs, he advocates, timed walking intervals interspersed with timed running periods.  This program is great for beginners, older runners, and sometimes, those with nagging injuries.

5. - Marathon Rookie has a 16 and a 26 week training schedule for "newbies."  

6. - When you gain entry into the New York City Marathon, the New York Road Runners Club offers several training programs, based on your entry level.  You do not need to be running in the NYC Marathon to follow these programs.

7. - The Boston Athletic Club suggests three different 16 week training schedules for the Boston Marathon.  You do not need to be running in the Boston Marathon to follow these programs.

As I mentioned in my blog post of 3/13/14, the above programs provide generalized training schedules.  If you would like a training schedule that is more specifically tailored to your individual needs, you might consider purchasing online coaching.  You can actually find online coaching services at some of the above links.  For many more online coaching choices, just do a Google search for:  online marathon coaching -- there are so many coaches out there.

Of course, I am available for both online and in-person coaching.  I would welcome the opportunity to guide you through the finish line!

Keep on running!