Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Deciding to Run Your First Marathon

So, you have decided to embark on a 26.2 mile journey -- congratulations!!!  Now what?  Well, the very first order of business is to answer one very important question - WHY?  Why do you want to run a marathon?  Grab a paper and pen, and answer this question in detail.  

In order to successfully complete your first marathon, you must know your "why."  Training for a marathon is hard work -- there will be many times when you want to "throw in the towel" and just quit.  These are the times when you will need to go back to that piece of paper and read your words, your "why."  Your "why" will serve as your motivation during your arduous training schedule, especially on those days when your muscles ache and you are so fatigued that you just want to put your head on your desk and go to sleep.

So, grab your pen and paper -- start writing...  

I would love for you to share your "why" in the comments section.

Happy trails, and stay tuned...  This blog will cover all aspects of running your first marathon. Please let me know in the comments section if there is a special topic that you would like me to cover in this blog or if you have a specific training question.