Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Original Worm: Awesome Training & Recovery Tool

Meet the Original Worm, a massaging body roller that is awesome!  I first discovered this nifty device when I was recently followed on Twitter by @Original_ Worm ( Simply out of curiosity, I followed back -- I then got a message from @Original_Worm that said, "Thanks for spreading the Worm." Now, I was really curious, so I went to the Original Worm's website and checked out this portable training and recovery aid.  I sent a direct message to the company owner and he sent me a complimentary Original Worm to try out.

The Original Worm is made up of four balls that are a little smaller than tennis balls, but of about the same density. The balls are covered in a pink or black neoprene case --the Worm can be washed by hand.


The Worm can easily fit into your bag so you can take it on the plane or the train! It comes in a nifty little reusable bag with a postcard showing its many uses.  I like sleeping on the worm -- I put it under my neck and it provides just the right amount of acupressure to relax my muscles for a good night's rest.  My daughter is currently dealing with shin splints and the Worm is super useful as a massage tool for her shins.  I especially like using the worm to massage my lower back and hip flexors.  The Worm is also a great tool for plantar fascitis. 

There are so many massaging tools on the market these days, but there is just something so great about the worm.  First of all, it is very small and lightweight -- this makes it extremely portable and can actually be held in one hand while running.  I often like to run from one destination to another, and then walk back home -- I can use the Worm to work out any knots prior to my recovery walk.


Some of the Many Uses of the Original Worm -- image from:

Check out the two videos at for more information on the Worm's many uses.  I really like the idea of doing a squat with the Worm between my back and the wall.  I am going to try this exercise tomorrow with some of my clients.

The Original Worm is very reasonably priced when compared to many other massage and trigger point tools.  You can order yours through Amazon, using the Amazon ad in the column to the right of my blog posts.  Once you use it, I'm sure that you too will be "spreading the worm!"

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  1. Thanks for "spreading The Worm!" Judy. Glad you are enjoying your worm. have a great weekend!