Friday, September 19, 2014

Mighty Meniscus

So, now we live in a new apartment that we really love!  I was really ready to get back on track with my running and life in general.  But, not quite so fast!!!

Yes, just one more hold up.....  my knees -- they are very unhappy!  I have had issues with my left knee for years, but have managed to continue to run, clearly compensating by placing more pressure on the right side of my lower body.  I have made peace with being a lot slower and have been grateful to just be able to keep on running (or jogging, as the case might be).

Well, when packing to move, I had to carry lots of heavy boxes and furniture up and down stairs -- lots of them!  During this process, my right knee finally rebelled!  I went to the orthopedist last Friday, had MRI on Saturday, and by Monday, was told that I have a "significant tear of my medial meniscus."  Oh, and the x-rays on Friday confirmed that my left knee is totally arthritic and in need of a knee replacement at some point.

So, I am disgusted...

 and... quite sad!!!

There will be no running right now, and, of course, the orthopedist informed me that I would be better off swimming or cycling in the future, after a week or two of total rest.  Ughhh - I was born to move!!!  I was born to run!!!  This transition of sorts will not be easy.  I cannot totally give up running but will start cross-training more.  

So, what's next?  I get to start cycling in a few days and will do physical therapy (yes, I will do all the exercises by myself, not with a physical therapist -- I certainly know what I need to do) to see if that can help.  If not, the orthopedist said that arthroscopic surgery would be helpful.

In the mean time, I am getting a cortisone shot in my arthritic knee next Wednesday - yeah! I had one five years ago and it was a big help.  

In the mean time, I just got a new client to coach -- she wants to run 10K's.  I will live vicariously through my running clients for a while.

I miss running.

In some way, shape or form, I will be back! As one of my clients said, "deferred, but not defeated!"